Call me Jim...James...or JimJames

Is the glass half full or half empty? ...while they continue the debate, I'm going to enjoy what's left my glass...and then, ask for another! 

I was born and raised primarily in the midwestern United States, however spent my early formative years overseas in the middle east.
I earned a BFA in graphic design and illustration from Southwest Missouri State University...and started my career as an art director—working for over a decade—prior to moving behind the camera full-time at New Balance® as an athletic product/fashion photographer in St. Louis, Missouri. 

My family and I have recently relocated to South Bend, Indiana, where I am involved with a wider range of creative opportunities—all while getting to spend more time with our two young children.

A few facts...

  • learned to travel at a young age, and have been ever since
  • have learned to count in six languages (and counting)
  • can reassemble a 4-banded puzzle ring with my eyes closed
  • able to tread water for a long time...with no hands
  • prefer to travel on two wheels rather than four, and have ridden a motorcycle cross country...and back (on two different continents)
  • always want to get...one more shot