Friendship: Distance & Time

Friendships come in many shapes and sizes, and in my case, often, long distances and over great lengths of time between spending time together. But when I make friends—we're friends for life—like it or not.

I first met Joe at the inaugural (translation…only!) Redneck Blue Collar Wine Party* in Kansas City back in 2009…or was it 2008. Either way…since that time, We have only seen each other in person on one other occasion—when he passed through St. Louis on business a few months ago in 2013. We had breakfast together outside on a brisk morning at the Boardwalk Cafe in Webster Groves. I was reminded that Joe and I have a lot in common and if not for the distance to Colorado—and his crazy travel schedule—we would definitely hang out a lot more.

Here I share with you his portrait I made that cold morning…Family & Friends Gallery

Do you have good friends that are separated by distance and time?

How do you manage or deal with the time and miles between these friends?