We Offered Ted a Dare

My cousin Ted. He's a few years younger than me, but now towers over me—a gentle giant.

Several years ago when we were kids our families were celebrating Christmas together. We'd already opened gifts, played with our new toys, eaten (an early) dinner, and watched A Christmas Story. So we were a bit stir crazy at this point and took to playing outside in the cold.

Ted being the younger of the boy cousins often found himself on the other side of our games and bright ideas. His older brother Jake and I—having just watched the aforementioned movie—had an idea. Without a metal flag pole around, we found the next best thing—the rear bumper of their Suburban!

And then of course offered Ted a dare...

I'll spare you the details, as I assume most of you have seen the movie, and know what happens next!
(if you haven't—it's definitely worth 94mins of your time...annually)

Ted...thanks for not holding a grudge!

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